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For those tenants in private rented accommodation or who are interested in renting a property in the private rented sector, FPRS provides a bespoke service including advice and guidance on all legislative property requirements, mediation/resolution of any issues with tenancy/landlords, and where possible tenancy search assistance.

Advice for property searches

FPRS discuss options for maximising a tenant’s finances, ensuring affordability for a suitable property. Advice and assistance can be provided on how to search for suitable property, what a landlord or Letting Agent may be looking for, what happens at a viewing, and what is required to complete an application for a tenancy that could lead to an offer.

Some common and easy to use search sites for rentals in Fife are:

Right Move



On The Market

Rent Resolution

Where a payment of rent has been interrupted, payment negotiation between parties has failed, or there has been loss of employment or difficulties navigating the benefits system, FPRS work with both parties to ensure a positive resolution of the situation and assist in the sustainment of the tenancy. For more information about getting some help if this matches your situation, please complete the Rent Resolution Application on FPRS page or the web enquiry form below.

Issue/Tenancy Resolution

FPRS will negotiate to assist landlords and tenants in finding solutions to issues related to sustaining a tenancy. Including anything from repairs issues to neighbour complaints, FPRS will work to resolve the issues and offer an enhanced service to help identify support needs, enabling tenants to sustain their accommodation.


FPRS will work with applicants on lower incomes to increase opportunities within private rented sector. This may include income maximisation, funding ideas for rent in advance, Deposit Guarantee and other funding grants to assist during the tenancy.

You can find the link to the FPRS Income & Expenditure form on this page, in the section dealing with Web Enquiry Forms. We will be happy to go through this with you if you require assistance, or you can complete the form which will automatically come back to us for discussion points.

There are a number of independent agencies who can offer advice about finances, funding and understanding benefit entitlement, you can find some links below:

Entitled to
Citizens Advice Bureau

A Credit Union is a Community Bank where you become a member, they can be a good way to save money as well as access loans for holiday, gifts, household items or unforeseen costs. For more information regarding Kingdom Community Bank please click here.

Tenancy Share

Tenancy Share is a housing option which was developed by Trust in Fife (TiF) to assist in securing shared accommodation within the private rented sector for single clients under the age of 35 who are affected by Welfare Reform and the Single Room Occupancy Rate. FPRS continue to work alongside tenants and landlords by fulfilling this need.

Since its inception, FPRS have also been able to assist clients who are older but not ready to live alone, or need to live in a more expensive area, so find it more acceptable to share the costs of a private property. Individuals with access to children may also benefit from sharing a 3-bedroom property with another person in the same position – the third bedroom being shared for access.

Tenancy share can provide a workshop programme to increase tenancy skills, give an understanding of the responsibilities of sharing a tenancy and where suitable, offers individuals an introduction to potential flat mates through a Drop-In, or by arranged appointment, and like any other tenanted client, FPRS will provide ongoing advice and review throughout an agreed term.

FPRS may also provide a deposit guarantee for those who require financial backing to secure a tenancy.

Our team are on hand to discuss the Tenancy share option further, so if you have any questions please get in contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you require further information regarding the Tenancy Share service, the following link to our FAQ’s may assist or you can read our leaflet.

If you require further information regarding the general FPRS service, the following link to our FAQs may assist or you can read our leaflet. If you would lke information on a Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) see our info guide.

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