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Short Term Housing Support

*****COVID-19 Update. The STHS team are still working remotely and accepting referrals for STHS. To speak to a member of our STHS team please call us on 07943 836499. You can also complete the online referral form below.*****

What is Short Term Housing Support?

Housing Support is available for the purpose of enabling Tenants with short term housing support needs to maintain their tenancy and become independent in doing so.  The Service enables individuals to keep their home and prevent them from losing their tenancy or becoming homeless.

If you have a tenancy and believe you have a short term housing support need then you could be eligible for Short Term Housing Support, whether you are a Fife Council tenant, own your home, rent from a landlord, are currently in temporary accommodation (unsupported), in sheltered housing, in a hostel environment, accommodation for the learning disabled, women's refuges or shared dwellings.

As part of this service we can help you get in touch with the right people and provide guidance and support with housing support tasks, including:

  • Issues around benefits, completing forms or making benefit claims
  • Issues with debt, money and budgeting, maximising your income, managing your money and paying your bills
  • Health and wellbeing, healthy living
  • Household skills
  • Access to services, Community awareness, Getting familiar with a new area
  • Lack of social networks, befriending, etc
  • Personal safety
  • Guidance on how to access education, employment, training and volunteering opportunities
  • Making referrals to other agencies for more specialised help

Referral for Assessment for Short Term Housing Support Services

Please read the accompanying guidance document before making this referral

Guide for general STHS Referrers (PDF 428Kb)

Guide for OP STHS Referrers (PDF 345Kb)

STHS website Referrers GDPR Briefing Note Guide for STHS Referrers (PDF 438Kb)

STHS Privacy Notice (PDF 521Kb)

Section 2 - Part A

Personal Details

(Please select Yes or No. If Yes, please provide details in the box above):

Section 2 - Part B

Risk Alert (to be completed by referrer. If no risks are identified, please state this below. Blank or incomplete forms will be returned to referrer for completion). Social Work staff – Please also advise of any hazards noted on SWIFT system.

Section 3

Referrer's details

Section 4

Applicant Group (please select ONE box which best describes the applicant’s primary (P) vulnerability and as many secondary (S) vulnerabilities as applicable.

Section 5

Short Term Housing Support tasks required by applicant STHS can be provided to individuals requiring enabling support in their home to achieve independence with one or more of the following tenancy support tasks. Please select which tasks are requested.

Part A

Core short term housing support tasks.

Maximising income – Guidance on the following:
Living environment - Support to get into a routine with daily living tasks:
Strictly time-limited support tasks:
Section 5 Part B

As part of the provision of the core tenancy support tasks requested in Part A, additional guidance can also be requested with the following areas (NB. These additional tasks cannot be provided where no core tasks are required).

Assist applicant to engage with professionals and access other services to improve their personal health:
Reducing isolation:
Section 6

Categories of referrals. Please select if any of the following 6 categories are applicable to this application.

Section 7

Please select if any of the following 3 questions are applicable to this application and provide details.

Section 9

To be completed by the applicant. (Referrers please note: If making an application on behalf of an individual, they must be aware of and give permission for the referral to be made).

Important note:

Once clicking submit, please ensure you are directed to the confirmation screen. In the case that this does not happen, you will be returned to the top of the application page. Please check all mandatory fields have been completed (missing fields that require to be completed will be highlighted in red). Fix the errors and hit the submit button again, you should then be taken to the confirmation screen. If this does not happen, please get in touch with us on STHS@trustinfife.co.uk