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Letting Agents

Fife Private Rental Solutons, Fife’s Private Rented Sector Advice Hub

FPRS provides free services to Letting Agents related to prevention of homelessness and sustainment of tenancies. One of our aims is to build on our relationships in the private sector and promote a better understanding of how our sustainment services can assist Fife Letting Agents.

As a Letting Agent, you are responsible for managing all areas of the tenancy for your landlords, this includes dealing with tenants who have support requirements, vulnerabilities or financial constraints which could lead to property maintenance or arrears concerns. Agents may not have the resources or knowledge of support agencies in the local area, this is where FPRS could assist.

Are you dealing with:

  • Rent arrears                                                                                           
  • Late rent payments
  • Tenants with financial issues
  • Unhappy landlords
  • Tenancy management issues
  • Repair or cyclical maintenance concerns
  • Empty properties

Contact FPRS to see if there is something we can do to assist your tenants

Scottish Government are planning on introducing prevention duties on Local Authorities in the near future, which will include:

  • Introducing new duties on public bodies and landlords to prevent homelessness, particularly by asking and acting on a risk of homelessness, as well as responsibilities relating to strategic and joint planning.
  • Changing existing homelessness legislation to ensure homelessness is prevented earlier, including a proposal to extend the duty to take reasonable steps to prevent homelessness up to six months before it occurs, to maximise the housing options available to people and to prescribe what actions reasonable steps may include.

Why not take advantage of the services now offered by FPRS to help play your part in the prevention of homelessness and sustainment of tenancies in the PRS:

Tenancy assistance - We can help with setting up utilities, financial assistance, benefits and sourcing furnishings to set up the tenancy. Guide and assist with direct payments for rent and other bills and help with access to services for support.

We can provide interim assistance for tenants at any point during their tenancy, this may include tenancy management, referrals to the appropriate supporting agency and identifying a tenants housing related issue and assist in finding solutions

Financial assistance – Advanced Income Maximisation (AIM) - Income maximisation explores income solutions with tenants to alleviate financial burden, investigating enhanced Benefits and sources of funding. FPRS provides assistance to navigate and apply for eligible benefits, with the “Cost of living crisis” in mind, we can make referrals to the local foodbank or Cosy Kingdom.

In between July 22 – June 23, FPRS assisted 15 clients to get benefit backdates totalling £35,883.00, and enhance monthly income for 24 clients by a total of £12,862.90.

Rent resolution - Where a payment of rent has been interrupted, payment negotiation between parties has failed, or there has been loss of employment or difficulties navigating the benefits system, FPRS will assist with finding solutions for both parties, negotiate formal re-payment agreements where suitable, or where applicable, FPRS will research funding in the hope of clearing some rent arrears.

Through AIM, we will then assist tenants negate future financial issues.

Agent & tenant mediation - FPRS will endeavour to assist agents and tenants in finding solutions to issues relating to sustaining a tenancy and rebuilding relationships.

In addition to the services mentioned above, we also have a waiting list of potential clients looking for properties who are fully funded, these clients have no need of our Deposit Guarantee service. However, please remember us for any clients you think would benefit from help with a Deposit Guarantee.

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