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Numerous Opportunities to

Assist Local Homeless Individuals

Your contributions to Trust in Fife, whether in the form of financial support, volunteering time, or donating unused items for our charity shop, directly impact the lives of local homeless and vulnerable individuals. Our primary goal is to assist clients in securing and maintaining permanent housing within our community. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, hundreds of people have successfully transitioned away from Fife's homeless register, finding stability and a secure place to call home.

Monetary donations play a crucial role in addressing both emergency needs and long-term objectives for our clients. Your financial support enables us to organise the following: A donation of £50, can provide a starter pack for a homeless family, while £25 allows us to purchase clothing for client interviews or work-related purposes. Starter packs for individuals or couples are available at £30, and contributions of £20 or £10 enable us to acquire food vouchers or toiletries for those in need.

For those who prefer online shopping, contributing without any extra cost is possible through By joining this initiative, a commission is directed to Trust in Fife from one of the scheme's participating shops, transforming your purchase into a valuable donation.

For immediate and hassle-free online donations, consider following the Kindlink link. Your generosity plays a pivotal role, and we extend our heartfelt thanks for contributing to the well-being of those in need volunteering time is equally impactful, with our belief that clients greatly benefit from the knowledge, skills, and experiences of dedicated volunteers. Our charity shop relies on voluntary assistance not only for in-store activities but also for managing our collection and delivery service.

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