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Housing Support Services

*Our Housing Support services are open 24/7. If you require assistance with access to Temporary Accommodation, please contact Fife Council direct. Trust in Fife cannot accept direct referrals.*

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Navigating the challenges of homelessness can be overwhelming. At Trust in Fife, we empathise with the struggles of finding a secure and private place to stay during such distressing time. Recognising the need for a supportive environment, we provide temporary accommodation for up to 26 single individuals in our supported temporary hostels.

The Oasis Project and Valley Accommodation Unit, situated in Kirkcaldy, aim to offer a haven for those facing homelessness. Each unit is equipped with individual bedrooms, shared shower and toilet facilities, a communal living room, as well as a kitchen and laundry amenities. Our dedicated staff are readily available to facilitate the transition to independent living, fostering an environment of empowerment.

Trust in Fife goes beyond the provision of shelter; we offer a comprehensive support system tailored to the unique needs of each resident. Upon referral from Fife Council, individuals over the age of 16 experiencing homelessness are welcomed into our facilities. While direct referrals cannot be accommodated, we encourage those in need to contact us for information about our services or to speak with our staff at The Oasis Project (01592 646677) or Valley Accommodation Unit (01592 643424).

When you become a resident at The Oasis Project or The Valley Accommodation Unit, you gain access to more than just a safe haven. Our experienced staff members collaborate with you to design a personalised support plan to address your specific needs. A designated key worker becomes your guide, meeting with you at least once a week and reassessing your support plan every six weeks.

Our holistic approach encompasses various avenues of support, including discussion groups and practical workshops. From money management and tenancy skills to healthy living, cooking, good neighbouring skills, and understanding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, we cover a spectrum of topics to enhance your capabilities. Importantly, we also offer a listening ear for those moments when you simply need someone to talk to.

Trust in Fife endeavours to empower individuals who are facing homelessness. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to equip our residents with the confidence and skills necessary to transition towards independent living.

The Oasis Project
01592 646677
Valley Accommodation Unit
01592 643424

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Support plans designed to suit you

If you’re referred to The Oasis Project or The Valley Accommodation Unit, you’ll benefit from far more than safe shelter thanks to experienced staff who’ll support you within our hostels.
You’ll be assigned a key worker
They will help identify and design a support plan to fit your needs.
Staff at both hostels
We have 3 full time and 6 part time staff members and together we’ll meet you at least once a week and review your care plan once ever six weeks.
Discussion groups & practical workshops
We offer everything from money management, tenancy skills, paperwork, heathy living, cooking, good neighbouring skills and your rights and responsibilities.
Working together
Just as importantly, we’re here if you just want someone to talk to. Working together, hopefully we can achieve our aim of equipping you with the confidence and skills to live independently.

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