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Trust in Fife, Craig House, Kirkcaldy

Trust in Fife’s new private rented sector housing advice hub – Fife Private Rental Solutions.

30 March 2021

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On Monday, 5th April, 2021, Trust in Fife will officially launch Fife Private Rental Solutions; a new service encapsulating the services previously offered by Fife Keyfund; adding new, more expansive dimensions, so opening the service to a far wider section of the local community.

The Fife Private Rental Solutions team will be able to assist with identifying a suitable property; Rent and Tenancy Issue Resolutions; Tenant/Landlord mediation; advice services for Landlords; as well as continuing to provide deposit guarantees; with more additions to services as they are developed.

If you would like advice related to the private rented sector (whether as a Tenant or a Landlord), or to find out more about the service, please contact the team on 01592 201849 or at info@fprs.co.uk.